PTE Academic: True Story of a Chinese Student

PTE Academic success

PTE Academic Speaking: Tough!

PTE Academic (Pearson Test Acaemic) is now almost as popular as the IELTS. Although it has been reported by many students that the reading and writing sections are slightly easier than the IELTS’, the speaking and listening sections are somewhat harder. The first 2 parts of the speaking section can be a nightmare for ESL learners as they require that the students read aloud and then repeat long sentences after a recording. Unless you intensively practice the sounds of English, know how to use your mouth muscles to connect the words together and learn the features of native English from an expert, it will be quite difficult for you to achieve the score you need.

The speaking and listening test of the PTE Academic or General are in my opinion a good measure of fluency. For example, your ability to remember a group of words and repeat them accurately in the right order is a good proof of your listening skills and fluency. That is how I know if someone is good with the language or not. Are they able to reproduce the words they hear spoken by a native speaker accurately? When you hear a sentence made up of 10 words, you are basically hearing a stream of connected sounds and if you can repeat them exactly as you hear them, it means you are familiar with those sounds and the meanings they represent.

Before And After 10 Hours of Pronunciation and Fluency Training with ESLAN

Below is a testimonial from one of my previous Chinese students who took the PTE Academic and went from scoring 32 to 76 on fluency, and from scoring 18 to almost 60 on pronunciation. Her overall oral score jumped from 32 to 74! That’s a whopping 43-point jump! The student was very disciplined and hardworking though and did follow my advice and instructions. She trusted me. Trust between teacher and student is the single most important factor in the success of any learning experience.
If you are Chinese taking the PTE Academic and can read mandarin, read what she says after studying ONLY 10 hours with me.

大家好!我叫Cheryl, 在考PTE这条路上经历了重重磨难,最后终于考过了。真的非常感谢Patrick教会我的各种英语学习方法,让我的英语有这么大的进步!

第一次去考的时候,声音根本没有录进,我是属于嗓门大,但音比较高的那类型女生。然后经朋友介绍去Patrick那里专门针对口语进行了辅导。第一次见到Patrick就觉得他非常得亲切而且讲着一口地道的local英语,后来我朋友跟我说Patrick根本不是Native, 然后我们同行的小伙伴都傻眼了,因为这英语讲得比有些当地人还要好,我们非常得开心觉得说我们的口语终于有救了!最后的结果也是挺神奇的,我的fluency 从32进步到了76,pronunciation从18进不到60,总体口语分数从32进步到74,这归功于Patrick大量针对性的练习(他本人对PTE如何评分非常地了解且在英语教学方面有多年经验,所以能根据每个人不同的情况制定出针对性的练习)和我自己坚持不懈的努力。


在Patrick那里学到了如何用腹式发音!各种连读技巧与大量的连读发音练习(连读是会给PTE口语加分的!说得更像native speaker)!他还会教你各种学习英语的小习惯,对提高英语是大大地有帮助的。私下,Patrick是个很nice的人,如果你在学英语的过程中遇到了困难,他会第一时间一一帮你解决。就像现在,通过短短的10个小时学习,我们很多学生都跟Patrick建立了很厚的友谊,真的很庆幸在学习英语的道路上有像Patrick这样亦师亦友的好伙伴。


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