Pronunciation consultation offers you expert feedback and analysis

Pronunciation consultation is a great way for you to get feedback on your accent and pronunciation if you are too busy to take up a course. Record an ESLAN text and send it to us. We then send you a report with error analysis and feedback and discuss it with you in a 30-minute Skype session. We go over your pronunciation mistakes and explain what they are and why you made them. We even tell you how to fix them. This way, at least you know what to work on by yourself whenever you have time for practice. Book a consultation session once a month to track your progress. Many English learners cannot hear themselves and judge their own pronunciation. They need someone to guide them. We are the guidance.

Consultation Benefits

  • Is flexible, stress-free and self-paced
  • Improves awareness of one's pronunciation mistakes
  • Offers clever and practical tips and solutions to fix pronunciation problems
  • Guarantees 1 month email support (reply within 24 hours)
  • Offers 30-day Moodle access to self-study materials such as quizzes, audio and video

Pronunciation mistakes

Pronunciation benefits


  • A text featuring all 44 sounds of the English language
  • Detailed instructions on the features of native English
  • Detailed breakdown of error cause and type
  • 30-minute guiding session on Skype

How it works

Step 1-Practice the text

The text contains detailed instructions on the features of native English. Watch the clip and listen carefully to how the trainer is reading it. Try to shadow the trainer. Once you are good and ready, start recording. Request the text document with instructions now.

Step 2-Record it

Please make sure your equipment works and the quality of the recording is good enough for the trainer to hear and understand. After all, this is the only way the trainer can hear your pronunciation and diagnose your problems. So make it clear.

Step 3-Send it at

Double check the email address just in case you have any typos. No email, no feedback.

Step 4-Make a payment

Please made a US$50 payment through paypal to get a report + 30-min Skype session.

Step 5-Get the report

Just within 48 hours after making the payment.

Step 6-Book a 30-minute session on Skype

We will try our best to accommodate your schedule. Have as many questions as possible. 30 minutes pass very quickly, so be ready!

Step 7-Keep it up

Continue practicing and using the self-study materials. Keep at it until you start seeing a difference.