Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Course Boosts Fluency, Speed and Confidence in Every Day English

The 10-hour phrasal verbs course covers over a 100 common phrasal verbs. We use them in every day conversation at home or work. Like the general pronunciation training, the phrasal verbs course trains the student in the main features of native English. Since phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a preposition, the course specifically targets connected speech or word linking. Phrasal verbs can truly take your English to a whole new level. They are such an important part of every day English, academic English or business English. You will practice the schwa sound, sentence stress and intonation intensively until you are comfortable with using them in your conversation.

Content of phrasal verbs

Course Benefits

  • Builds up and improves vocabulary
  • Boosts fluency and speed
  • Improves listening to informal every day English
  • Improves clarity
  • Raises awareness of one's pronunciation problems
  • Enhances confidence
  • Convenient and flexible learning


  • Over a 100 phrasal verbs
  • Over a 100 example sentences of the phrasal verbs
  • 10 interactive quizzes
  • 10 video tutorials
  • 10 audio files featuring all the phrasal verbs
  • Final assessment report/li>
  • Moodle access to self-study materials

Sessions 1-10

Session 1start, get, putLinking (soft t) /t̬/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 2look, workReview day 1 - Linking Aspirated /t/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 3be, comeReview day 2 - Linking /m/ Consonant To Vowel
Session 4be, goReview day 3 - Linking /z/ Consonant To Vowel
Session 5take, break, lookReview day 4 - Linking /k/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 6run, be (negative), get (gerund)Review day 5 - Linking /n/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 7cover, wear, hear, tear, careReview day 6 - Linking /r/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 8keep, sleep, dropReview day 7 - Linking /p/ Consonant To Vowel.
Session 9beReview day 8 - Linking Vowel To Vowel.
Session 10Final Assessment Feedback and PracticeReview 10 most common phrasal verbs