How to pronounce r

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Mouth Shape

(At the beginning of the word)
Things To Look Out For

How to pronounce r

  1. Make sure the corner of your lips tense up.
  2. Pout your lips, bring them together tight but don’t use them to produce the sound.
  3. Bring your tongue back and up just as you do when you say /k/, but don’t let it touch anything. Also curl the tip backwards while making sure it stays clear from the ridge area, it shouldn’t touch anything at all. You’ll need that curl movement especially if you have to link /r/ with the vowel after it.
Tongue Twister for /r/ at the beginning
Round and round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran.
Dialogue featuring /r/ as the initial sound of 1 syllable

Note: When we connect the words together, sometimes the final sound of a word becomes the initial sound of the first syllable of the following word as in “you’re in”, which sounds like u-rin.
Ruth: Hey Ron, Rob and Rachel are in Rome researching the radioactive waste we heard about in Radio.
Ron: What are you rambling on about Ruth? They’ve just rang me, they’re at a resort somewhere in Romania.
Ruth: You’re wrong, really wrong. I’ve just received a ring from Rachel ranting about her poor reception in Rome.
Ron: Reception or recession? The reception never goes wrong in Rome.
Ruth: I don’t recall whether it was reception or recession, I really can’t remember.
Ron: If you can’t remember that, how could you remain certain that it was in Rome and not Romania?
Ruth: Reception and recession roughly ring the same but Rome and Romania really don’t.
Ron: What if Rachel said “Rome and yeah”, it sounds like Romania, right?
Ruth: Ron, you’re off your rocker!