how to pronounce l

Mouth Shape

(At the beginning of the word)
Things To Look Out For
The l pronunciation

  1. Make sure your lips are relaxed. If you don’t move your lips simultaneously with the tongue, the sound won’t come out right.
  2. Press your tongue tip against the area between gum and upper teeth. Some people occasionally place their tip between the teeth.
  3. Lower the back of your tongue. If you raise it with the tip, your /l/ sounds like a French or European /l/.
  4. Raise the tip area only and do as instructed in B.
Tongue Twister for /l/ at the beginning
Luke’s duck likes lakes. Luke Luck licks lakes. Luke’s duck licks lakes. Duck takes licks in lakes Luke Luck likes. Luke Luck takes licks in lakes duck likes..
Dialogue featuring /l/ as the initial sound of 1 syllable

Note: When we connect the words together, sometimes the final sound of a word becomes the initial sound of the first syllable of the following word as in “little in”, which sounds like little-Lin. Also, bear in mind that the pronunciation of /l/ changes and basically made weaker especially when preceded by stop consonants such as /t/ as in [just lost], /p/ as in [please] and /k/ as in [weekly]. The /l/ occurring at the end of a syllable which also follows a vowel is usually referred to as the “Dark l”, which sounds a little different from the initial sound /l/. That’s for another lesson.
Liam: Lady Leila, got a lighter with ya love?
Layla: Liam, my lad, you’re lame to believe that an athlete like Leila would carry a lighter or lend you one.
Liam: lately, lady Leila’s been lashing her love with unlady-like language.
Layla: That’s ludicrous my love, I’m simply laying it on the line for you that I dislike, actually, loathe people who like smoking.
Liam: Look, I realize you lead a healthy life but please let me live my life as I please.
Layla: Listen, I’m not lecturing or giving you a lesson on how to live you life, but to level with you, your latching on to this habit is laughable.
Liam: Ok, you’ll need to loosen up a little and leave me alone.
Layla: That’s lamentable! Ok then, good luck my good looking Liam, you’ve just lost your lean lusty lovable lifelong lady!