How To Lose A Debate: Two Fatal Mistakes

A debate gone terribly wrong

Oh boy, not sure if you guys have watched the disastrous debate between Milo Yiannopoulos and some Australian Muslim girl. She has taken upon herself to defend the entire religion but that unfortunately didn’t go very well for her as you can tell from the video. Too bad! I can see the poor girl meant well and wanted to spread out a message of love and peace. Alas, that painfully backfired on her and led to her humiliation essentially doing a disservice to her the very people she was trying to stand up for.

Two fatal mistakes future debaters to avoid at all cost

There are two reasons that the Australian Muslim girl lost her debate with Milo. Those were two deadly mistakes that wanna-be debaters must understand and avoid by any means necessary.

Debate Fatal Mistake 1-Poor knowledge of the debate topic and lack of preparation

Fatal mistake 1 – she had no idea about the topic she was debating, which is Islam and Muslims. She was asked about what the five pillars of Islam were and she tripped; she was asked what abrogation meant in Islam and she faltered. And it would’ve been totally fine if she was debating an average Joe but not someone like Milo, who debates people for a living. He must spend his entire day researching and preparing for discussions and arguments of this nature. That is his job. So when you debate a “Milo”, you’d better know your stuff, otherwise, you’re toast.

Debate Fatal Mistake 2-Getting too emotional and taking it too personally

Fatal mistake 2 – she got too emotional and took it too personally, instead of basing her arguments on facts; that is putting together a factual argument to counter Milo’s. Although you are naturally supposed to be taking sides as you are representing a certain point of view on a particular subject, you are still expected to present facts; to be factual. When you do not have facts or a sound logical argument, your opponent senses it and starts quizzing you in an attempt to weaken your position – this leads to frustration and anger, and the moment you seem angry in a debate, you appear to be on the defense. That also means that your opponent will be on the offense, have dominated the debate and taken control of the conversation.


Both of those mistakes resulted in the girl’s losing all credibility in the debate and therefore getting humiliated doing a disservice to the very group of people she tried to defend. Oh well, live and learn.

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