International Students: First Test of Maturity

International students: The Thing Is…

International students do not all behave…well internationally. Get out of your comfort zone boys! and girls! Lest I get accused of sexism. You are not in…your country anymore, lest I’m accused of being a racist for naming a certain nationality. What the…ffff….heck do you think you’re doing? Lest I get accused of being rude!

Failing First Test of Maturity

On a serious note, pretty tough is the life of an international student! Who are we kidding? Often it’s the first time away from mummy and daddy, first time sleeping on another bed, first time having to think of what to eat and shop for, first time having to look for a job and first time facing the tough reality of life without immediate support.  And maybe, just maybe, it’s the first time someone else is depending on you. Let’s say for many, it’s your first test of maturity.

Culprit: Acquiescing To Pressure

International students: Mature enough?

Unfortunately,  some of those international students fail their first test of maturity. Culprit? Pressure. Pressure to cope with unpredictability, diversity and genuine hard work, and instead they take “shortcuts” preferring homogeneity, thus predictability, and procrastination.  Lack of motivation and focus can also be disastrous! Especially for international students whose the experience of studying abroad is a costly investment.

Studying Abroad for Self-betterment

I have always wondered what would possess someone to leave home, parents, family, friends, comfort, and in some cases, luxury if not to achieve something far greater than what he or she already has. Aren’t they (international students) supposed to make it count? I have always thought leaving one’s home to live abroad is a path towards self-betterment, not only in terms of career but also mentally, morally and intellectually.

Mental Aptitude, Moral Immunity & Sharp Intellect

International students need a great deal of mental aptitude to deal with what sometimes is an enormous amount of stress and pressure. They also need to be morally resilient and immune to the temptations of acting immorally or unethically to achieve short-term goals. Finally, they need to develop intellect and guts to solve problems, overcome challenges, and face up to abusers and low lives that live in every corner of the globe.

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