Grammar and Pronunciation

Grammar and Pronunciation

The Grammar and Pronunciation course consists of 20 sessions in total. It improves your grammar and pronunciation at the same time. Studying grammar by itself doesn't work. Ask yourself these questions: Do you know the grammar rules but still make mistakes? Have you been learning grammar for years but can't use it when you speak? Focus on the common English sounds in basic tenses and speech parts like the present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, modals, conjunctions, conditionals 1, 2 and 3.

Course Benefits

  • Improves grammar accuracy
  • Boosts fluency and enhances intonation
  • builds on speed
  • Improves clarity, articulation and enunciation
  • Improves mimicking skills
  • Provides one-on-one personalized feedback
  • Provides free Moodle access to self-study materials
  • Offers daily email support (reply within 24 hours)
  • Offers convenient and comfortable online learning

Grammar and pronunciation


  • Key sounds in basic grammar
  • Interactive speaking activities targeting common tenses and speech parts
  • Schwa sound in auxiliary verbs and modals
  • Contractions and word linking
  • Intonation and pitch in statements, questions, positive and negative forms
  • Moodle access to audio and video self-study materials
  • Final Assessment feedback report
  • Offers daily email support

Sessions 1-10

Session 1Present simple 1Daily routine - verb be - third singular - consonants /m/ /s/ /z/ /r/ and /d/.
Session 2Present simple 2Review day 1 - frequency adverbs - asking questions - word stress - pitch.
Session 3Future tenseReview day 2 - will and going to - contraction "i'll" - gonna - consonant /l/.
Session 4Modal verbs and conjunctionsReview day 3 - can and can't - and and but - weak forms - sentence stress
Session 5Past simple 1Review day 4 - "ed" pronunciation - /t/ /d/ /əd/
Session 6Past simple 2Review day 5 - tap "t" and "d", aspirated "t", omitted "t", glottal "t" - word linking.
Session 7Past simple 3Review day 6 - regular verbs and irregular verbs - schwa sound - word stress and intonation.
Session 8Present perfect 1Review day 7 - have and has - already, yet and still - consonant /v/ /w/ and /z/.
Session 9Present perfect 2Review day 8 - never and ever - forming questions - pitch.
Session 10Final Assessment Feedback & PracticeReview pronunciation problems - schwa sound - word stress, sentence stress and pitch - word linking.

Sessions 11-20

Session 11Conditional 1will - can - might - if - unless - provided that - consonants /f/ /l/ /s/.
Session 12Conditional 2Review day 1 - would + vowels - would + consonant - What would.
Session 13Conditional 2Review day 2 - gonna  - if, be, would + verb - wouldn't + verb - because
Session 14Reported speechReview day 3 - said he/she would + verb - weak forms - contractions - word linking
Session 15Conditional 3Review day 4 - if, had+verb - would've/could've/might've  - contractions - sentence stress.
Session 16Modals (in the past)Review day 5 - must've + vowel/consonant, should've - word linking - contractions - sentence stress.
Session 17Conditional 3 (final)Review day 6 - Review all conditionals (1,2 and 3).
Session 18Conjunctions and adverbsReview day 7 - either, neither, or, nor - consonant /ð/ (th) - schwa sound /ɚ/, /ə/.
Session 19Conjunctions and adverbs 2Review day 8 - whether or not, both...and - consonant /ð/ (th) - schwa sound /ɚ/, /ə/ - vowel /oʊ/
Session 20Final Assessment Feedback and PracticeReview pronunciation problems - schwa sound - word stress, sentence stress and pitch - word linking.