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Why Speak English Like A Native?

An English Teaching Method Based On Intensive Pronunciation Training!

  • Focus on native English sounds and intonation
  • Expert and intensive mouth and ear training
  • Extensive one-on-one error correction & feedback
  • Focus on speed, clarity and fluency
  • Energizing and motivational training
  • Self-studying materials, tips and advice
  • Weekly assessments, progress reports
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Intensive Ear & Mouth Training Covers 3 Stages

ESLAN method-Stage 1


Expert Training In Native English

ESLAN method - Stage 2


Intensive & Detailed Error Correction
  • Put the stress on the right sound in the word
  • Put the stress on the right word in the sentence
  • Use your jaw, lips and tongue mouth in the right way
  • Say longer sentences without pauses
  • Use different music from your native language's
  • Use body language and hand gestures common among native speakers of English

ESLAN method - Stage 3


Regular Testing, Feedback & Review
  • Do regular tests to check your progress
  • Record your voice and use it as a reference for future studies
  • Get a written report on your mistakes
  • Get feedback on your performance
  • Do a final review on your mistakes
  • Feedback on how your native language is affecting your English

Key Differences Between ESLAN & Other Teaching Methods

ESLAN Method

  • Correcting the student - KEY to building fluency and GROWS confidence.
  • Teaches English as a WHOLE through SOUNDS. Teaching includes error correction, testing and feedback.
  • NO textbooks or games but INTENSIVE training and repetition.

Other Methods

  • Correcting the student - NO good for fluency and DESTROYS confidence.
  • Teaches grammar SEPARATELY, vocabulary SEPARATELY,  reading SEPARATELY,  listening SEPARATELY etc.
  • Uses textbooks and games.

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ESLAN Students' Testimonials

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Yuki Wakitani From Japan April 22, 2015

I just wish i met earlier, I think my life would've been very different. Now, after I met you and did your course, I can say, at least I did something in Australia, if I didn't do your course, I would have nothing. I learned from you in few weeks more than I learned in 2 years. Thank you very much.