Pronunciation of Please

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Pronunciation please, a simple and common word in the English language, could present several challenges to Spanish-speaking students, one of whom requested that I precisely explain the difference between the pronunciation of the light [l] and dark [l] as well as other pronunciation problems found in word [please]. There was my answer: The [l] in […]

Pronunciation Nightmare For Vietnamese and Thai Students

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Pronunciation Nightmare is obviously a pronunciation problem that is very tough to fix. Pronunciation Nightmare: details Vowel [ou] or /aʊ/ is called a diphthong because it consists of one vowel and one consonant. It’s very hard for Vietnamese and Thai learners especially when it falls behind /n/. It’s already difficult for Thai and Vietnamese learners […]

The stubborn pronunciation problems of Japanese learners

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Japanese are stubborn, so are their pronunciation problems Japanese students of English struggle with their pronunciation problems. No matter how advanced the speakers are, no matter how long the learners have been learning or speaking English for, some (phonetic) mistakes are real stubborn aren’t they? They keep happening over and over and Japanese students can’t […]