Pronunciation: Misunderstood

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Pronunciation is often misunderstood. Consequently, it is commonly thought of as a boring process which involves aimless repetition and pointless correction of individual sounds such as /r/ /l/ /v/ /b/ etc. Very few teachers truly and completely understand the full scope of pronunciation teaching and its benefits to the students. And those who do unfortunately […]

8 Must-Know BE Phrasal verbs VII

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Apology for this belated post.  The 7th must-know BE phrasal verb is  “BE+ABOUT” . First of all, the most obvious and straightforward meaning of “about” is “regarding”. 7-Be about… A: I’ve just finished reading a very interesting book. B: Really? What is it about? = What is the story of the book? What is the […]

Native English or Native American

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They’re not the same. You can be speaking native English without a purely American accent, British accent, Australian accent, Kiwi accent, Canadian accent, Irish accent, Scottish accent or South African accent. It can be a mix of all these accents. Your English could borrow different attributes or characteristics from each one of the accents above […]