Pronunciation Course

Available both online and in person, our pronunciation course will change you way you speak English and hear native English forever. Online, English learners can choose up to 13 units, each unit is 10 hours. Those wishing to complete the course in person, they must enroll for 6 weeks or 130 hours of intensive training in speaking and listening. Fees vary based on the amount of support you wish to get.
1/2 Online Pronunciation Trial Lesson

Pronunciation Lessons

In-depth pronunciation lessons and tutorials on phonetics and phonology for self-directed learners. Learn the 7 keys to native-like English beginning from English phonemes, the sounds of the English language, grouped in two categories known as vowels andconsonants, to the schwa sound, connected speech and intonation. Also find plenty of useful resources such as minimal pairs, tongue twisters etc.


Read interesting articles about learning English, how to master the language, how to study it by yourself. Get some very useful and practice tips on how to do it yourself, most importantly, how to find the motivation you need to never give up no matter how hard it might seem to be. Get involved, express and share an opinion, participate in the discussion, it's one way to immerse yourself in the language.