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Learn English the ESLAN way to take your speaking and listening skills to whole new level. Improve your TOEFL test score, IELTS test score or Pearson test score. PROVEN method. My success as an English learner is your proof. My success as an English teacher and trainer is your guarantee!


Learn English With A PRO

Learn English with Patrick. Get real answers to your English speaking problems. Get real solutions to your English listening problems. Patrick is master communicator in English, and an experienced English teacher and trainer. Patrick is also a super talented language learner. He taught himself to speak and write English to a native level in just 18 months. He created the PRON method and the most popular pronunciation and fluency courses in Australia. He even founded an international preschool and kindergarten in Japan creating a curriculum based on his sound-centered approach to help the children to learn reading early. Click on the thumbnails below to see some of Patrick's references.

English Teacher-Master CommunicatorEnglish Teacher-TESOL qualificationEnglish Teacher experienceEnglish Teacher reference

Patrick Hayeck

Patrick Hayeck-English Teacher

With the ESLAN method you will get fluent and confident.

You will speak faster, clearer and more native-like English.

You will never have to repeat what you say twice because of your accent.

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Learn English Via Skype

I Want To Learn English Because...

I want to get into a foreign University.

I want to to travel for work/pleasure.

I want to talk to my American colleagues at work.

I want impress the foreigners I sometimes meet.

I want to understand American movies better.

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And Many More

ESLAN Students' Testimonials

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From South Korea

Thanks to you, I could change my Uni and major, actually change my entire life. You gave me a lot of confidence in learning English. It keeps conversation natural and also helps the student get more point for the test. Some people believe that I’d lived in English country for more than 2-3 years. I’ll never forget your special class.

Are you embarrassed with the way you sound in English? Are you always afraid of making mistakes? Do you feel silly when you speak with native speakers?

I can make all this stop via Skype

  • Focus on every day English and grammar
  • Focus on the sounds of native English
  • Instant and extensive error correction and one-on-one feedback
  • Expert mouth and ear training
  • Weekly assessments and progress reporting
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Self-studying tips and advice
  • Energizing and motivational coach

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Read About ESLAN students' Experience

1-on-1 Via Skype

English Lessons Via Skype

1o Hours per unit (1-on-1)


1-on-1 Face-To-Face

One-on-one lessons

10 Hours per unit


Group Face-To-Face

Group Lessons Face-to-face

5 or 10 Weeks (2-8 students)


ESLAN: An English Pronunciation Training Method

ESLAN stands for English Speak Like A Native. The method is based on the TRUE experience of Patrick Hayeck, a second language learner of English who taught himself to speak native English in just 18 months! ESLAN is based on the idea that intensive ear and mouth training in the sounds of native English improves pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, hence fluency.

Ear and Mouth Training In The Sounds Of Native English

Leading to improvement in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Improves pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar

Leading to fluency

Leads To Fluency

Intensive Ear & Mouth Training Covers 3 Stages

ESLAN method-Stage 1


Expert Explanation Of The Features Of Native English

ESLAN method - Stage 2


Intensive & Detailed Correction Of Your Mistakes

  • Put the stress on the right sound in the word
  • Put the stress on the right word in the sentence
  • Use your jaw, lips and tongue mouth in the right way
  • Say longer sentences without pauses
  • Use different music from your native language's
  • Use body language and hand gestures common among native speakers of English

ESLAN method - Stage 3


Regular Testing, Feedback & Review

  • Do regular tests to check your progress
  • Record your voice and use it as a reference for future studies
  • Get a written report on your mistakes
  • Get feedback on your performance
  • Do a final review on your mistakes
  • Feedback on how your native language is affecting your English

Key Differences Between ESLAN & Other Teaching Methods


Other Methods

  • Correcting the student - NO good for fluency and DESTROYS confidence.
  • Teaches grammar SEPARATELY, vocabulary SEPARATELY,  reading SEPARATELY,  listening SEPARATELY etc.
  • Uses textbooks and games.
  • Teachers have little experience, no qualification and no idea how to learn and teach a second language.

ESLAN Method

  • Correcting the student - KEY to building fluency and GROWS confidence.
  • Teaches English as a WHOLE through SOUNDS. Teaching includes error correction, testing and feedback.
  • NO textbooks or games but INTENSIVE training and repetition.
  • Teacher is a method creator, speaks 3 languages, has 2 master degrees in communication and language teaching with 10 years experience .