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Pronunciation is how you sound in English. The way you sound matters! It matters at work, school and in society. The way you speak English is part of that very important first impression. Many non-native English speakers do not get the job they dream of because of their "accent" or poor pronunciation. It hurts when you are not understood. It hurts even more when people pretend they understand you just because they do not want to hurt your feelings. Clear and more native-like pronunciation is confidence and will bring you one step closer to success.

  • Pronunciation Consultation
  • PTE Academic Speaking Training
  • Every day English Phrasal Verbs Course
  • English Grammar & Pronunciation Course
  • Professional Development Workshop For ESL Teachers

Why Pronunciation Consultation?

Too many mistakes * No confidence * Hate speaking English * Give up

  • Record an ESLAN Text (100-120 words)
  • Email it to info@englishspeaklikenative.com
  • Receive a Feedback Report (FR) with detailed analysis of your problems with solutions
  • Get a 30-minute Consultation with an expert on Skype

PTE Speaking Free Tutorial

Why PTE Academic Speaking?

  • Important to pass for immigration and university
  • Reportedly the hardest aspect of the Pearson test of English
  • Real and practical tips and tricks to use in the test
  • Skills useful to pass any other speaking test
  • Useful for listening comprehension and vocabulary building
  • Video and audio content provided
  • Moodle free access throughout the course
  • Coach availability Monday-Sun
  • Email support
  • 30-minute free trial
Improve your English pronunciation and grammar

Why English Pronunciation & Grammar?

  • Grammar improves faster through pronunciation practice.
  • The most common English sounds are found in basic grammar.
  • A good understanding of grammar and good intonation are strongly connected.

Why Professional Development For ESL Teachers?

  • Is a 3-hour workshop including a 30-min demo by the trainer in intensive error correction.
  • Increases teachers' awareness of the strong relationship between pronunciation training and rapid improvements in grammar accuracy and word retention.
  • Motivates teachers' with a true inspiring story of a second language learner.
  • Provides teachers with practical knowledge and great quick dirty tricks to use in the classroom to help students with speaking problems.
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