Pronunciation lessons online

Why pronunciation lessons online?

You want to improve your pronunciation or reduce your accent but you have NO TIME to go to school or CANNOT afford one-on-one coaching. SKYPE is convenient, more affordable and flexible especially for people working full time.

How does it work?


1 lesson = 60 minutes. You must enroll for a minimum of 10 lessons and complete them within 20 days. One exception is Pronunciation Consultation


Depending on your short-term and long-term goals, you may choose one of the following 5 options:

  • General Pronunciation
  • Grammar and Pronunciation
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • PTE Academic Speaking
  • Pronunciation Consultation

Your English Level

You should be able to understand what the trainer says on SKYPE. You don't have to be fluent.

How to enroll

Send an email to
confirm trainer's availability, ask any questions necessary and when ready


Pronunciation Course in Classroom

Why pronunciation course in class?

You are in Sydney or coming to Sydney on a tourist visa, a working holiday visa, a student visa or other kinds of visas and you want intensive training in pronunciation and fluency to better understand native speakers, get a job and make friends quickly.

About the course


Pronunciation & Communication course (PRON-COM)


10 weeks. You must enroll for a minimum of 5 weeks, either week 1-5 or 6-10.


Week 1-Pronunciation Foundation (General American Accent)
Week 2-Pronunciation and Grammar 1
Week 3-Pronunciation in survival English
Week 4-Everyday English verbs
Week 6-Pronunciation Foundation (refresher)
Week 7-Pronunciation and Grammar 2
Week 8-Common Slang and Idioms
Week 9-Job interview skills

How to apply

or contact Canterbury Language Academy on +61 2 9699 4588


Patrick Hayeck’s BBR method – Block, Build, Rewire

Patrick Hayeck's BBR method
The dynamics of native-like English for learners of English as a second language


For Foreign Students, Workers, Migrants & Refugees Learning English, ESLAN is a MUST.

As a refugee myself, I attended the English classes the government organizes for migrants and refugees, I learned nothing! ESLAN's 10-hour course changed my English completely. I recommend the ESLAN course to everyone who wish to make a quick change in his/her English for work, study or just feel better to talk with native speakers. If I did it you can do it too. Coach Patrick is amazing, he knows exactly what to do with each student, he gives you so much information, very hard not to get better with coach Patrick.

Laith Al-Azouz
Laith Al-Azooz

Migrants, Refugees & Foreign Workers: Call your Boss Out

I know what it feels like having to start a new life; working with a bunch of people you're not comfortable talking with. You must speak English that your colleagues and customers can understand. You OWE this to yourself and to your new country. Your boss OWES it to you. Take this offer to your bosses.
I will offer you 20% discount on $US350 10-hour course if they cover 50% of your fees. 30% on YOU. Let's see how ambitious you are!

General Pronunciation Training (GPT)

Embarrassed with your English pronunciation when speaking in social situations, meetings, discussions or presentations? Got a thick accent people find hard to understand? Think you speak English well but still sound like a robot? Still need to ask native speakers of English to repeat what they say to you because they speak too fast for you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you definitely need the General Pronunciation Training (GPT)

PTE Speaking Free Tutorial

Why PTE Academic Speaking?

No confidence in your speaking and pronunciation skills? Already got a low score on oral fluency and pronunciation section of the Pearson Test of English. Then the PTE Academic Speaking is definitely for you.

Pronunciation and Grammar

Improve your grammar and pronunciation at the same time. Studying grammar by itself doesn't work. Ask yourself these questions: Do you know the grammar rules but still make mistakes? Have you been learning grammar for years but can't use it when you speak? Focus on the common English sounds in basic tenses and speech parts like the present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, modals, conjunctions, conditionals 1, 2 and 3.

Pronunciation Consultation

Make too many mistakes - lose confidence - hate speaking English OR Get feedback - build confidence - enjoy speaking English.

Why Professional Development For ESL Teachers?

  • Is a 3-hour workshop including a 30-min demo by the trainer in intensive error correction.
  • Increases teachers' awareness of the strong relationship between pronunciation training and rapid improvements in grammar accuracy and word retention.
  • Motivates teachers' with a true inspiring story of a second language learner.
  • Provides teachers with practical knowledge and great quick dirty tricks to use in the classroom to help students with speaking problems.


Kill Any Speaking Test Or Listening Test

Learn English the ESLAN way to take your speaking and listening skills to whole new level. Improve your TOEFL test score, IELTS test score or Pearson test score. PROVEN method!

PTE Academic speaking